Abbe May

TIME OUT, 2013

Abbe May has never been afraid to shed her skin. When her teenage explorations into Detroit rock’n’roll with renowned live Perth band the Fuzz became too turgid, she released three solo albums that matched her ultra-expressive soul voice with dirty, bluesy guitars…then followed that up with a fourth LP, Kiss My Apocalypse, that toys with pop, R&B and trip-hop for some overtly sexual mood music.

Jenny Valentish interviews Abbe May

And here’s Abbe May writing about Cherry Bomb:

Valentish has nailed the desperate, sociopathic scramble to reach the dizzying, depraved heights of rock’n’roll… where if you don’t hate your band mates on some level, you’re doing it wrong. I laughed, I blushed, I actually guffawed. I couldn’t put it down.