L7: Rolling Stone

I really didn’t pick that two of L7 were sober – for almost their entire career. I got to interview my deadset heroine Donita Sparks for Rolling Stone and she dropped that bombshell…

Their previous visits here took in Alternative Nation in 1995, during which they also shaped young minds at Melbourne Rock ’n’ Roll High School; and a tour with Cosmic Psychos in 1992. It’s whispered they drank the Psychos under the table.

“That would take feats of strength that I don’t know if Dee and I are capable of,” Sparks says modestly. “But let’s let that legend live on.”

It was she and Plakas who had to hold the fort in that sense. “Suzi has been sober since 1987 and Jennifer since 1990, so they went through almost the entire ride of L7 stone-cold sober. They kept it on the downlow. And I just blew their cover.”