Rare-as-hen’s-teeth interview with Bill Drummond

“Ex-pop star facing police probe,” ran the headline in The Mirror last year. It related to the defacing of a UK Independence Party poster by Bill Drummond, who had used his own Drummond’s International Grey, an emulsion designed to paint over anything morally or aesthetically displeasing.

Of all the labels assigned to the perpetrator over the years, was “ex-pop star” really the best the tabloid could come up with? They could have called him an “avant-hip satirist”, “anarchic situationist”, “ruthless businessman” (that’s from former bandmate Holly Johnson, later of Frankie Goes to Hollywood) or even “King Boy D”, Drummond’s moniker in chart-stormers the KLF.

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And read Bill’s unedited essay-answers “I have no suppressed urges. I act on them all.”