Cherry Bomb on 2SER: Final Draft with Andrew Poble

Normally we bring you the best of books, writing and literary culture from across Australia and the world; but today we are mixing things up a little bit as I bring you music and literature….

Jenny Valentish ‘Cherry Bomb’
Nina is the lead singer of The Dolls; the mercurial alt-punk-pop heroines of Jenny Valentish’s debut novel Cherry Bomb. Nina and her cousin Rose have set their sights on conquering the Australian Music Scene before taking on the world and they care little for how they do it. That’s the premise behind Cherry Bomb, but the journey Jenny takes us on is a surprising deviation from the rags to riches tale of two gritty upstarts that you might immediately presume. In Cherry Bomb Valentish explores what it means to be a woman in a world where men still control the purse strings and demand more than anyone should be asked to give.

Listen to Cherry Bomb on 2SER here! Warning – the volume’s a bit bung.